A couple of summers ago, my daughter had a college friend over, and she said she could sing… so I grabbed an acoustic guitar, taught her a Bowe song, and hit record. A few weeks after, I brought it to a studio and asked a few session players to add drums and horns. It’s not great, but when she powers up at the 2:00 mark… not bad.

On the professional side, I wrote and recorded this quick piece for a 30-second TV spot for LA Weight Loss. Not me on vocals. (I wish.) It was a fun shoot... an extremely hot-looking girl getting dressed to go out. I made sure we did like 50 takes.

This is me butchering a Cole Porter song. I'm a guitar player, not a piano player... and to do this, I had to play the piano at half speed.

Just goofing around and making up jazz melodies...