This $79 lawn mower was purchased in 1999. It was used for only one season, and then it lived outside, in the rain and snow, without ever an oil change, or a tune, for the next 11 years. Once a summer, when Ryan visits, he tries to start it. And every year it gets harder. (RIP 2013.)

Testing a new racing drone at the house (November 2016.)  This is not speeded up. The pilot was flying fpv, first person view... meaning, he was wearing goggles and could see what the drone saw in the air – as if he were in the cockpit. The real racing starts around 1:05.

Thank you Martin Frey (art director extraordinaire) for making this silly video... circa the Carl years.

Ryan & Sara.  (A Mom sketch.)

Jackson. And family.

The taking of the Thanksgiving Day family picture.

My 2 favorite notes.

Thanks, but you made a really boring spot.

Beer Pitch.


Way back.

Westeros May 2015 • The Targaryen Museum

Ryan shooting down a runaway balloon with a hi-def camera onboard, before he founded DRL, The Drone Racing League.


Wet Puppy Rat Dog.

There ain't no cure.

We made a custom board game for mom's 80th. 80 custom questions about life in Willow Grove when we were kids. (There were no gimmes or softballs, and she iced it.)

Bob Cole, 2015 holiday radio session.

Last call.

DJI Phantom Close Quarters Test.

Exhausted Cousins.

See what Ryan's holding in his right hand?
There ya go.

The terrible 2s.

The original Gury Pop-Pop. Fought in France in WWI.

The original Gury Pop-Pop. Fought in France in WWI.

The Azamara Journey.  (Family Cruise 2007)

The above is from 1999. (The last straw to getting Ryan into college, ANY college. It worked.)

The “hey dad can we do a video so I don’t have to give a toast at the wedding” song.