MArch 28, 2019:

For Jeffrey MArkowitz and the GOOD folks at creative compound.


A little birdie told me there was an opening at your company, and suggested I write you. In a nutshell, I’m an ex agency Creative Director / Partner (from the writing side) now working freelance, and I hate it. I thought I’d enjoy working freelance from home, but I miss real live people in my professional life… so now I’m looking for a home of some kind. (Like the Creative Compound. I love everything I saw and read, including your philosophy, your thoughts on bureaucracy, and of course, your creative.)

I’m guessing the odds of you ever landing on this page are slim, but what the hell… no guts, no glory. So I grabbed a bunch of TV spots… 30s, 15s, a 45 and a 60, as well as a few corporate web videos and a few silly things, some older, but all with great stories. (I wrote and directed all of them.) .The work is pretty much low-budget all around, though 2 or 3 were local "Addy “Best of Show” winners, and 2 more won “Best of TV.” (My own story is here, and I included client references at the bottom of this page.

Anyway, I would LOVE to to talk to you. You can reach me at 215.806.1902 or email me at . I hope to hear from you, but if I don’t… I wish you and the rest of the gang over there the best of luck. Looks like you have a nice thing going.


Glenn Gury


Below, a web video for Lee Hecht Harrison, the worlds largest career transition company.

Below, a web short targeting millennials who too often choose the internet instead of a doctor.


This next one is an 8-minute corporate video for Lee Hecht Harrison that I had translated into a dozen languages. This version is the Aussie / English version. (It’s not very exciting, these people are super conservative, I only included it to show something longer form that I pretty much wrote and produced by myself).

This next one below won Best of Show (for TV marketing) at the 2015 International Robotics Championship. My team and I were up against a bunch of Fortune 500 companies who spent 100X what we did on production… but we took the prize.

This next one (below) is actually an agency holiday card I wrote and produced for play online. Though I never heard of the singer, I’m told he’s an up and coming “mega-star.” (I hope not.)

This was just a fun video written to get more people to come to our booth at a big national meeting / convention. (The client = two brothers and their dad, and all three wanted to be “in it", so they’re in it. They run a surety agency.

Terry brings his A game every time. This is one of a 3-spot campaign.

Should we get a chance to talk, I’d love to tell you this story… about A) Smarty Jones. the horse who almost won the Triple Crown a few years back, B) why I got fired for running it, and C) how the spot won Best of Show at the Addys. I produced this with help from NFL Films.

I love the below campaign. It was very inexpensive… and the whole idea was built around the tagline, in that the tagline is never the same, ever… and that’s the hook. I wrote over a hundred taglines… and here are 10 quick examples in ten 15-second spots.:

This was an online trailer for a big show that we helped open at The National Constitution Center. The full story is on my home page [ ] top left corner.

Okay, this one is OLD. (2007) And it’s not a real spot, it’s just spec something I wrote for a pitch for a micro-brew called Philadelphia Lager. The idea: spots would run during the week before every Eagles home game… and each spot would feature a crazed fan who we branded “Flip Out Man.” We shot this on a flip phone under florescent lighting, so there was no attempt at production values, but the idea comes through. I played Flip Out Man, but don’t let that scare you. (Even though, according to my wife, I get a bit “too” enthusiastic whenever the Eagles are on.) P.S. The only football we had in the office was a promotional “Polo Sport.”


References below.