happy father’s day!

Mike… we wanted to do a demonstration, so we came up with 30 questions for our own Google device.
Don’t feel like you have to listen to the whole thing… ! (You may have to turn your volume up, I recorded this too low.)

  1. Hey Google. What’s the weather tomorrow?

  2. Hey Google. Wake me up in an hour.

  3. Hey Google. What movie won Best Picture last year?

  4. Hey Google. Who do the Phillies play tomorrow?

  5. Hey Google. Play some Dave Brubeck.

  6. Hey Google. Turn your volume up.

  7. Hey Google. Give me some headlines from FOX News today.

  8. Hey Google. Did Bob Fosse ever win an Oscar? 


  10. Hey Google. Tell me a joke.

  11. Hey Google. How long should you boil an egg to make hard-boiled egg?

  12. Hey Google. Who’s leading the American League East?

  13. Hey Google. Set a timer for 5 minutes. 

  14. Hey Google. Where can I hide a body? 

  15. Hey Google. Read me the Constitution

  16. Hey Google. Play the RadioLab podcast.

  17. Hey Google. What’s the traffic like from here to Newark airport?

  18. Hey Google. What’s your favorite movie?

  19. Hey Google. What time is it in London?

  20. Hey Google. Add a head of lettuce to my shopping list.

  21. Hey Google. Read my shopping list.  

  22. Hey Google. Flip a coin.

  23. Hey Google. How much is $5 in euros?” 

  24. Hey Google. Read me a poem.

  25. Hey Google. What are the best restaurants in Skillman NJ? 

  26. Hey Google. How many calories in a banana? 

  27. Hey Google. What sound does a pig make? 

  28. Hey Google. What is the current DOW? 

  29. Hey Google. Who is Woody Allen married to?

  30. Hey Google. What time does the CVS in Princeton close? 

Also: a lot of guys like Google Home for fantasy football. Click this article from CNET: www.cnet.com/how-to/google-home-fantasy-football/ It’s called "5 ways your Google Home is the MVP of football season – your Google Home speaker is more than just a fancy talking box. It's also your best fantasy football companion.”

Happy Father’s Day!

Love Glenn and Marilyn.

P.S. Here was an ad concept I did a couple of weeks ago for Focal headphones. I thought you might get a kick out of it:

WWS Idea.png