Updated 8-1-19-6PM


This spot has been posted to Dropbox. Who do I send it to at the station, once approved?

Updated 8-2-19-10AM

GD+CS Co-brand • :30 TV • revised • FINAL

This spot has been posted to Dropbox. Who do I send it to at the station, once approved?

Updated 4-5-19-2PM

GOODDEALS AD headlines / concepts

The first two = part of the TV campaign, and require accompanying visuals in the same spirit. The next 3 are just headlines that can be used any time.

Updated 3-4-19-5PM


Exercise Guy to Bowler Chick with $799 Washer/Dryer. Need approval before uploading.

Updated 1-28-19-5PM


Two revisions below. 1) Stainless Steel dishwasher from $329 to $359, and 2) the 4-piece Whirlpool @ $1999 is now a 4-piece Amana set at $1799. Need approval to post for stations.

Updated 1-8-19-5PM


The below two spots replace the exercise guy. Need approval to post for stations.

Updated 1-14-19-5PM


The “We Moved” SGL PAGE AD (below) and the two GRAND OPENING ADS (not shown) were revised to include new address copy for the new store: “In front of Lowes / around the corner from Costco.”

Updated 11-02-18

GoodDeals Pre-Black Friday Ad

Updated 11-02-18


My opinion: this absolutely works if you read the entire headline. If you don’t, there’s a 2-beat. (Beat 1: what the heck does that mean? Beat 2: Oh, it means GoodDeals is always less.) Often, a good 2-beat headline has stopping power… it’s like skimming thru a book and all of a sudden your eye catches a few words, (like “great sex”)… and then you stop, and think, “wait a second, what the heck was that…?” and then you go back and read further. Lots of effective ads are 2-beat ads. P.S. I think it’s fairly attractive for an ad crammed full of stuff. I just wish this newspaper designers did a better job on their end.

GoodDeals FALL TV CAMPAIGN (5 Spots)

Updated 9-15-18

GoodDeals liquidation sale ad.

Click for lightbox view.

Updated 8-8-18

Co-Brand 30-Second TV / VERSION 24 / FINAL. 

Review in player above or hit this link for hi-def iPad / desktop / laptop review.

Updated 7-27-18

Revised Amana 15-Second Spot. 

Version 2 Above. Big Music + all SFX + Stop By Ending

REVISED Amana 15-second TV. NOT final. Audio needs mixing. (Final available within 48 hours of approval.)

Updated 6-19-18

Lisa... before I can go further, copy for the Co-Brand 30-Second TV spot needs your approval and we need to talk visuals. See both links below for details. Thanks!  

Updated 6-18-18

New Store Soft-Opening Initial Thinking:

Updated 4-16-18

15-second TV • 2 revisions • (new spots)

Updated 3-18-18

Co-Branded Logo Versions. At 5.25” Wide / 3” High / 300 DPI, these should be large enough for any print purpose (newspaper, catalog, etc.) and for smaller POP (floor stands, tent cards), but they're not large enough for big signage (billboards, etc.) For that, we'd need vector files, and I would need to know what the original font is for the Cornerstone logo.

Updated 1-7-18

GoodDeals "Deals" TV Campaign:

Updated 12-30-17

Clearance Sale Headlines. (P.S. I'm happy to typeset the line you pick so the newspaper folks see how it should look.)

Updated 12-30-17

New Ad for January 2018. (For review only. The actual ad for the newspaper folks is on the GoodDeals Ad Files page.)

Updated 10-26-17

Holiday / Black Friday Ad Development.  Ads for Black Friday ONLY, followed by 2 ads for the Sat / Sun / Mon after Black Friday.  Click for Lightbox view. Best on an iPad.

The above is just a "go-by" for the newspaper folks, so they see how to handle pricing. (And type heirachy.)

Above: an ALT version of the DoorBusters ad, in case we feel like screaming. (Not necessarily a bad thing to do on Black Friday.) I think I like this one best... it's more "door-busty." The appliances here are just FPO, so the newspaper folks know what to do – how to handle pricing and type.

Above: the ad template for our singles (sole appliances) ad. The post Black Friday version will not have the Black Friday blurb at the bottom. 

Above: the double truck that runs Sat / Sun / Mon after Black Friday. All Black Friday references were taken out, and I left a little air in the middle so no one suffocates while reading.  :)

Above: the single appliance ad (one-offs only) that runs Sat / Sun / Mon after Black Friday. All Black Friday references were taken out.

Updated 9-27-17

Lisa, hi.

Below are 3 comps, one for the double truck and 2 ways to go for the single page.

Updated 9-3-17


Try your iPad for reviewing these comps – the screen res is 4X better than your laptop. And click or tap on any of the below thumbnails to open up a light box – so you can see the whole ad on your iPad screen.

These are not downloadable links that you can use for printing, this is just for review, but I can make links for printing if you need them.


Updated 9-3-17: 

I did the double truck for the comps, I'll make the single page once we settle on direction.


#1 above. Click or tap for light box view. Once we pick a winner, I'll tidy it up and put in all the right appliances and prices. The knob is stainless steel and came from a high-end stove. I think this ad is really impactful and the knob would be huge (and hard to ignore) in a big double-truck ad. Plus it's fun and drives home our message in a memorable / visual way. (Works for both left and right brained people.) P.S. I can also easily change the copy around the dial. For a while, I had "employee discount" instead of "sales price."

#2. This may even be faster. It's not as smart as the one above (#7) which asks the reader to figure it out ("get the idea?") – but it's super clean and I really love the extra negative space. 

#3. I'm showing you this so you can see every variation, but I think the other two are better. This is getting crowded and if feels like two jokes competing for attention.

#4. I think this one is really funny, and a little bit charming, and may be my favorite. The inspiration for this came by way of a Reddit dedicated to the "best Tinder conversations." It's hysterical.

#5. Same thing, but with a refrigerator background. What do you think? I think it's getting kind of busy.

#6. A great way for people to think about saving money is asking them what they'd spend the savings on. (Works better with women.) And folks are always taping stuff to the fridge, so I did it with a sticky note. Sticky notes test really well for reading, and even though it's small, I'm confident most would find it hard to resist. The first reference to bundle (top right headline) refers to the appliance packages.

#7. This feels like a natural next step / next evolution of our "ever ever ever" ad.  I could even add a lot more verbs, so it's REALLY close to the ever-ever-ever ad, but then folks might not know we have a new ad.