Einstein Healthcare Network

Einstein Healthcare Network is a Philadelphia-based not-for-profit organization with several major hospitals, facilities and outpatient centers in the tri-state area.


Einstein Hospital was becoming increasingly aware of a growing trend among millennials who, instead of going to a doctor, turn to the Internet for answers on health issues. As a result, patient numbers in Einstein's many healthcare centers had been falling off.


Increase awareness of Einstein’s Primary Care Services and drive patient volume. 


We opted to use the very same venue, the villain in this story, the Internet, to shine a light on the craziness with a humorous viral-like video worthy of sharing among friends, which we supported with a city-wide digital ad campaign that pointed the way there. The banner ads led to the video which led to the landing page which led to an Einstein doctor close to the prospect.


Our video scenario, written and produced in-house, mirrored what many millennials do in real life when confronted with health issues. By showing millennials what this looks like, from the outside in, the absurdity is apparent, and we essentially embarrass them into doing the right thing: establishing a relationship with a real Einstein doctor.


This was primarily an awareness campaign with a secondary objective of increasing the number of appointments by millennials. The click-through rate for the banner ads was 37%. This was judged to be excellent. Click-through to the landing page was 4%. The number of appointments by millennials was estimated by the client to have increased 4%-5% during the campaign. Bottom line: the client was encouraged by the results and credits the humorous approach.