CS 30-Second Rough Cut 2-17-19


We see it all the time… folks choosing the lowest bidder to build their dream kitchen… with results that are less than dreamy. Which is why everything we do – plumbing, electrical, granite tops, custom cabinetry, all of it – we do in our shop, by our people, to our standards. At Cornerstone, we go for wow every time out, so we’re probably not going to be your lowest bidder. But we will build your dream kitchen, just the way you want it. 


Lisa… the music will be replaced with a score that mirrors the spot’s tempo. The idea: approachable, easy, neighborly, nice, friendly. I used a country thing here, just for this rough cut and just because I had it handy. (I know Tyler doesn’t like country.) We don’t want ethereal (like a pharma commercial) or rock (like a beer commercial) nor do we want anything too anthem-ish. I’ll talk to the same composer who did the new GoodDeals spots. (You Have Better Things To Do.)