CryoClear is a brand recently launched by CryoConcepts, a corporation located in Bethlehem, Pa., dedicated to creating the most effective cryosurgical technologies for medical professionals and their patients.


CryoClear was a new CO2-based cryotherapy product targeted to the dermatology/esthetics market. Its -79 C freezing temperature allowed a very safe and effective treatment for age spots, sun spots and skin tags versus liquid nitrogen. And it could be used in conjunction with chemical peals or microdermabrasion to achieve superior results. Our assignment was to help position, brand and launch this product. 


We positioned CryoClear against alternative treatments, which were either less effective or had a much greater chance of scarring. We had clinical trial data that showed over 95% efficacy with less destruction of healthy tissue. Our strategy was to rely on before and after photography/data to create a WOW moment. We wanted to take the typical before and after to a new level. Our campaign line shouted, "From Before and After, to Before and Wow." And we used the device itself (up front and center) to attract attention and foster a sense of the uniqueness of the product offering. Attendance at trade shows (able to demo) and social media were the primary marketing vehicles.


HSG positioned, branded, packaged and presented CryoClear to professionals through the Internet, trade shows and direct mail. (An early tagline development document is available for review here, and an early, abbreviated positioning exercise is available for review here.)


In the first three months after launch, CryoClear had 93 new accounts with reorders. Given that estheticians want to test everything themselves on friends and family before using in their practices, this was judged to be very good initial penetration. After 6 months, CryoClear has opened 500 e-commerce accounts.