Cathy, I know this is a little (a lot?) out of the blue, but I’m thinking what-the-heck, I’ll just go for it. 

A few weeks ago, I had lunch with Jeremy Goldsmith who used to run Tabby Sound in New York, where all the best radio came from through 80s, 90s and early 00s. (Do you remember going with me to NYC a few times? I think Deb came with us once, too.) Anyway, we started reminiscing, and Jeremy brought up the HNB “you’re going to love this bank” campaign we did so long ago. His words: "without exception, he best bank campaign Tabby Sound ever did," which I took as quite the compliment, given Jeremy and Tabby did Bank of America, PNC, and Capital One's national campaigns, plus others as well. (Did you know we did close to 40 spots together?)

So naturally, I started thinking: 

You’re the Marketing / Product Management Virtuoso (love it) at Republic Bank, doing what you do best. And me, I’m doing what I do best, but I’m now doing it on my own – and getting 25 cents on the dollar compared to what the agency used to charge. 

So here it comes:

Not so long ago, we were a really, really good team – and I have a boatload of awards and great work to prove it. Add to that, you were always on of the sharpest / most intuitive clients I’ve ever worked with. And I know Republic is tiny, and I doubt you do radio or TV, but I’m sure you do something, and I would love a chance to be part of that something. Even if it’s just a flyer, or a banner ad, whatever, to start. (Again, I’m dirt cheap compared to Holton Teitelman and Gury’s rates from so long ago.)

And if you want, you can throw me a little challenge, as a way to test the waters… and I’ll do it gratis as a way to get back on your contact list. (lol. I almost said Rolodex.) Think about it!

In the meantime, I put together a little walk down Memory Lane. (Below.) Enjoy!



P.S. I've been reading what I find about Republic Bank online.  I LOVE the idea of allowing dogs inside, having water bowls ready... this bank is just calling our for a little personality!