Crozer-Keystone / Brinton Lake Case Study

Crozer-Keystone Health System (CK) is a not-for-profit health system comprised of five hospitals, several outpatient centers, a world-class sports club and a comprehensive physician network of primary-care and specialty practices. Brinton Lake is the system's newest comprehensive health center, including a cancer center.


Crozer-Keystone Health System had recently built a 5-star outpatient complex adjacent to a well-known, upper middle class shopping center. But CK's location was not visible either from the shopping center or the highway. In short, it was a well-kept secret.


Drive volume to the multiple specialty practices at CK's outpatient complex.


It was all about location. The name of the shopping center was The Shoppes at Brinton Lake. Our strategy was to borrow the awareness of the shopping center's location and mate it with the array of specialty services/better care/better health available at the CK outpatient complex.


We tied the shopping center together with the new health center with our campaign tagline, "Everything's better at the lake" which, depending on the execution, was neatly shortened to just "at the lake."  (Sleep better at the lake, feel better at the lake, heal faster at the lake and so on.)  In all our advertising we either referred to multiple specialties or listed all the specialties.  

We were asked to extend our "At the lake" campaign to the adjacent Crozer-Keystone Regional Cancer Center, which demanded a more serious approach. Our TV spots featured real cancer patients who, with bravado, and without over-promising, told their cancer to "jump in the lake." (This was seen as a bit controversial at the time, but in the few years since our spots began, more and more local cancer entities are incorporating a more aggressive tonality in advertising.)


This campaign was executed over two years. Overall volume increased by 31% in year one (off a fairly low base) and 13% in year two. Volume at the Cancer Center increased 17% over the nine-month period our cancer campaign ran. The “At the lake” designation became so pervasive that it was adopted by the Shoppes themselves.